NERVE COMPRESSION / PINCHED NERVE AT CERVICAL & LUMBAR SPINE - A pinched nerve occurs when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons. This pressure disrupts the nerve's function, causing pain, tingling, numbness or weakness. A pin...

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ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS (FROZEN SHOULDER) - In frozen shoulder, the shoulder capsule thickens and becomes tight. Stiff bands of tissue — called adhesions — develop. In many cases, there is less synovial fluid in the joint. In this condition patient is unable to move his/her shoulder - either on your ...

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TEXT NECK SYNDROME / CERVICAL PAIN / SIDE EFFECTS OF LONG WORKING HOURS ON THE LAPTOP IN WORNG POSTURE / CERVICAL HEADACHE / PAIN IN ARMS / NERVE COMPRESSION - Text Neck is an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress to the neck caused by holding your head in a forward and downward position for ex...

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DISC BULGE / SLIP DISC / PINCHED NERVE - Causes Of Bulging Disc - With a bulging disc, herniation or disc-rupture there may be a number of reasons for it, including:
- Vehicle accident.
- Already existing annulus weakness.
- Body mechanics and poor posture that put stress on the spinal disc.
- To...

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SLIP DISC - A slipped disc can occur in any region of spine: lumbar, thoracic, or cervical. But it’s more common in lower or lumbar back region.
- Cervical or neck slipped disc symptoms:
- Numbness, tingling, or weakness in shoulder, neck, arms, or hands
- Pain experienced in shoulder, neck, arms...

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PAIN AT FRONT AND BACK THIGH / HIP PAIN / BACK PAIN - Sometimes, pain can radiate to the front, sides, and back of the thigh, and each might occur due to different causes. A compressed nerve in the third vertebrae in the lower back (L3), also known as sciatica, may cause pain to radiate to the ou...

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FROZEN SHOULDER - The bones, ligaments and tendons that make up your shoulder joint are encased in a capsule of connective tissue. Frozen shoulder occurs when this capsule thickens and tightens around the shoulder joint, restricting its movement.The condition is called "frozen shoulder' because t...

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CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS / NECK PAIN - Cervical spondylosis results in a narrowing of the space needed by the spinal cord and the nerve roots that pass through the spine to the rest of your body. If the spinal cord or nerve roots become pinched, you might experience:
- Tingling, numbness and weakness...

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This Girl is very happy after taking sessions from Dr. Abhishek Pratap. When she visited our clinic for first time she was not able to walk. After regular Chiropractic, Manipulation and physiotherapy treatment, Now she can walk and can do all the activities.

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2 months ago
I recommend this clinic for lower back pain & sciatica. It is the best chiropractic clinic in Delhi, for sure. I came to this clinic in extreme pain. In few sessions, my lower back pain reduced and now I am 70% pain free. Looking forward for full recovery. His treatment is really very different from others. Dr. Abhishek is very hard working doctor, he keeps the clinic environment very cool and positive. Thank you.
- Birju P
2 months ago
I had pain in my ribs & got Solved by Dr. Abhishek. He is very knowledgeable doctor. Thanks for it.
- Satish K
2 months ago
He is fantastic physio. Your cure is sure in his hands
- Mukesh A


We believe that an informed and educated patient is able to participate in a shared decision making process regarding the treatment so at every step, an attempt is made to inform and educate our patient about their symptoms and treatment.

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